Watsonian Vol. 3, No. 2 (Fall 2015)


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This is the Fall 2015 volume of the Watsonian, edited by James C O’Leary, JHWS “Pippin.”

The digital edition of this volume is a DRM-free PDF file for download.

Print editions of this issue are not currently available.

This volume features:

  • The Chair
    James C O’Leary, JHWS “Pippin”
  • Watsonian Wit
    John Foster, JHWS “Barney
  • The Arthur Conan Doyle Connection: Ewyas Harold Church
    Molly Carr, JHWS “Brenda”
  • The Pawky Puzzler
    Margie Deck, JHWS “Gwen”
  • Roxie’s Canonical Ramblings
    Sandy Kozinn, JHWS “Roxie”
  • Billiards With: The Retired Beekeepers of Sussex – an Interview with Elinor Gray, JHWS “Misty”
    Ariana Maher, JHWS “Carla Buttons”
  • The Tenderness of Patient Minds
    Elinor Gray, JHWS “Misty”
  • The Patriotic Physician: Dr John H Watson in the Great War
    Peter H Jacoby, JHWS “Beller”
  • John H Watson’s Service in the Great War
    Harrison Hunt, JHWS “Dash”
  • Long-Lost Watson: Edward Fielding in William Gillette’s Sherlock Holmes
    Jon Lellenberg, JHWS “Towser”, BSI “Rodger Prescott”
  • On BBC Sherlock
    Greg Darak, JHWS “Dexter”
  • Mr. Holmes – An Emotional and Somber Sherlock
    Scott Monty, JHWS “Wooley”
  • Twilight of a God
    James C O’Leary, JHWS “Pippin”
  • Dr. Watson and P.T. Barnum
    Paul Hartnett, JHWS “Scout”
  • Dr Watson’s Pension and His Profession
    Ira Brad Matetsky, JHWS “Binks”
  • Watson’s Dilemma
    William Reusch, JHWS “Valiant”
  • Some Observations on the Segregation of Infection
    Robert S Katz, JHWS “Willow” and Susan Rice, JHWS “Sparkle”
  • Meanderings in Montpellier
    The Great Hiatus: Part III
    Enrico Solito, JHWS “Devon”
  • November, 1888
    David Marcum
  • Ever Polishing the Doctor’s Brass Plate
    Ariana Maher, JHWS “Carla Buttons”
  • Illustrations by Diigii Daguna, Basil Chap, and Kayla Kinoo

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