Watsonian Vol. 2, No. 1 (Spring 2014)


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This is the Spring 2014 issue of the Watsonian, edited by Joanne Yates, JHWS “Sandy.”

The digital edition of this volume is a DRM-free PDF file for download.

Print editions of this issue are no longer available.

This issue features:

  • From the Editor’s Desk
    Joanne Yates, JHWS “Sandy”
  • Trifles
    Melissa Anderson, JHWS “Faith”
  • Watson’s Unspoken Diagnosis
    Robert S Katz, JHWS “Willow”
  • The Anti-Memoirs of Dr Watson
    Benoit Guilielmo, JHWS “Cicero”
  • Rob Ryan’s New Novel Featuring Dr Watson
    M C Scott
  • The Highly Irregular Shilling
    Harrison Hunt, JHWS “Dash”
  • Coin of the Canonical Realm
    Nicholas Utechin, JHWS “Rex”
  • From Russia with Love
    Linnea Dodson, JHWS “Dixie”
  • Recreating 221B
    Denny Dobry, JHWS “Kirby”
  • First Appearances, A Crossword
    Margie Deck, JHWS “Gwen”
  • Two-Dozen Quiz Answers
  • In Defense of the Swamp Adder
    Ron Lies, JHWS “Chips”
  • I Am/Am Not Watson
    Bonnie MacBird, JHWS “Lady”
  • Watsonian Wit
    John Foster, JHWS “Barney”
  • Watson and Holmes: A Study in Explanations
    Francine Kitts, JHWS “Holly”
  • Behold the Fruits of Laborious Days and Pensive Nights
    Joseph Kruth, JHWS, “Marlowe”
  • A Dissection of Cyanea Capillata
    Ariana Maher, JHWS “Carla”
  • Chaplin’s First State Role (Almost)
    Stephan Arthur, JHWS “Dalton”
  • Watson’s Club
    Molly Carr, JHWS “Brenda”
  • Behind the Walls of Barts
    Robert S Katz, JHWS “Willow”
  • Ship’s and Arcadia: Some Notes About Dr Watson’s Tobacco
    Harrison Hunt, JHWS “Dash”
  • The Younger Watson
    Roger Johnson, JHWS “Count”
  • “The Greatest Living Authority Upon Tropical Disease:” Dr Ainstree
    Michele Lopez, JHWS “Reggie”
  • Stapleton Revisited
    Donald A. Yates, JHWS “Pal”
  • Doctor Watson’s Natural and Preternatural Imagery in The Hound of the Baskervilles, with a Comment on the Birds
    Don Libey, JHWS “Buttons”
  • Ever Polishing the Doctor’s Brass Plate
    Don Libey, JHWS “Buttons”
  • Musgrave Ramble
    Charles Press, JHWS “Rofer”
  • Answers to the Crossword, “First Appearances”
    Margie Deck, JHWS “Gwen”

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