Watsonian Vol. 1 (Fall 2013)


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This is the inaugural volume of the Watsonian, published in 2013 and edited by Joanne Yates, JHWS “Sandy.”

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This volume features:

  • From the Editor’s Desk
    Joanne Yates, JHWS “Sandy”
  • A Love Story
    Ron Lies, JHWS “Chips”
  • Sherlockian Memories
    Donald A. Yates, JHWS “Pal”
  • A Study in Friendship
    Kumar Bhatia, JHWS “Bobbie”
  • The Watson Chronicles: A Sherlock Holmes Novel-in-Stories
    Ann Margaret Lewis, JHWS “Cameo”
  • Watson in the Twenty-first Century
    Linnea Dodson, JHWS “Dixie”
  • A Long Afternoon: John Watson’s Youth
    Robert S. Katz, JHWS “Willow”
  • Dr Watson, Detective?
    Dan Andriacco, JHWS “Dutch”
  • How the Speckled Band Really Began
    Ann Margaret Lewis, JHWS “Cameo”
  • Dr Watson at War
    Robert Ryan, JHWS “Caesar”
  • Dr Watson’s Anodyne
    Harrison Hunt, JHWS “Dash”
  • Some Marginalia on Medical Men of the Canon
    James C. O’Leary, JHWS “Pippin”; Harrison Hunt, JHWS “Dash”
  • Boots, Boys, Pages, Page-Boys, Boy in Buttons, and Billy in the Sacred Canon: A Miscellany of Careers
    Don Libey, JHWS “Buttons”
  • The Hound at the Tabard Inn Library
    Donald Pollock, JHWS “Hound”
  • A Toast to Billy
    James C. O’Leary, JHWS “Pippin”
  • The Quiz
  • The Wives of Watson
    Soames Huxtable
  • James H Watson – A Defense, with Some Notes on “The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle” (Known as the Agra Diamond)
    Hugh Ashton, JHWS “Clancy”
  • Watson’s Signature
    Bruce Harris, JHWS “Scottie”
  • Watson’s Personal Effects
    Harrison Hunt, JHWS “Dash”; James C. O’Leary, JHWS “Pippin”; Sandy Kozinn, JHWS “Roxie”
  • Ever Polishing the Doctor’s Brass Plate
    Don Libey, JHWS “Buttons”

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