“A Day at the Movies” by Ariana Maher

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Join Ariana Maher, JHWS “Carla Buttons”, in a trip to the Seattle International Film Festival showing of the long-lost 1916 film, Sherlock Holmes, starring William Gillette.

This free article is a small sample of the great material you’ll find in The Watsonian!

About the Author: Ariana Maher (JHWS “Carla Buttons”) is designer of The Watsonian and a past “Boy in Buttons” for the John H Watson Society.

1 review for “A Day at the Movies” by Ariana Maher

  1. Pippin (verified owner)

    I was very sorry to lose this article for the Fall 2015 issue. I was glad to be reminded that more than Sherlockians were there to see the film at the SIFF, such as the young man Ariana talked to in line who was a silent movie fan who wanted to see a legendary film long thought lost. I also appreciated her “average film-goer” perspective and the communal aspect of meeting with a dozen SOB members to watch the film. Please download it and read it with Jon Lellenberg’s piece. Two great pieces that go great together.

    (I gave it a four star rating so you wouldn’t think there was editorial nepotism going on.)

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