Interesting Article on Watson 

Member Sheila Holtgrieve,”Daisy,” sends along this interesting article found on Laurie R King’s website about “If Watson Were a Woman.” This was first proposed by Rex Stout, the BSI who wrote the Nero Wolfe books.

Thank you, “Daisy.”

You can click on the link below to read.


Interesting Article on Watson  — 4 Comments

  1. Watson was a woman – at least 5 times:

    1971: Dr. Mildred Watson (Joanne Woodward), *They Might be Giants* [George C. Scott as Justin Playfair, who thinks he’s Sherlock Holmes]

    1976: Dr. Joan Watson (Jenny O’Hara), *The Return of the World’s Greatest Detective* [Larry Hagman as Sherman Holmes, who thinks he’s Sherlock Holmes]

    1986: Jane Watson (Galina Schepetnova), *My Dearly Beloved Detective* [Ekaterina Vasilyeva as Shirley Holmes]

    1987: Jane Watson (Margaret Colin), *The Return of Sherlock Holmes* [Michael Pennington as a cryogenically resurrected Sherlock Holmes]

    1993: Dr. Amy Winslow (Debrah Farentino), *Sherlock Holmes Returns* [Anthony Higgins as a cryogenically resurrected Sherlock Holmes]

    2012: Dr. Joan Watson (Lucy Liu), *Elementary* [Jonny Lee Miller as Sherlock Holmes]”

    • Fascinating, “Cocoa” . . . Never knew that! So “Elementary” and Rex Stout are not isolated instances of the concept.

      • Certainly!

        I was surprised how many seemed to think that Lucy Liu’s portrayal of Dr. Watson was a novel approach, since Watson has been portrayed as a many times woman before… as well as a dog (more than once), a mouse, and even as a futuristic android.

        While “Elementary” may not be my favorite adaption of the Canon, I think they did a brilliant job with Dr. Joan Watson, as they do retain many of the characteristics that make the Canonical Watson who he is – not all but including: honor, intelligence, medical knowledge, compassion, physical ability, an ease with the opposite sex, and a strong bond of friendship with Sherlock Holmes.

        Another thing I like about Elementary: Holmes was not “cryogenically resurrected” yet again!

  2. Please allow me to amend my earlier post and say that Watson has been portrayed as a woman at least 5 times.